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comment How can I play my video files on the Xbox One?
What? The only options on XB1 are Disc/BlueRay or Local Storage (Currently not Supported) what else are you expecting to play video off?
comment How can I play my video files on the Xbox One?
Well it does, I haven't included DVD/BlueRay because that is obvious and if you look through the links in includes articles on Streaming from PC to XB1 so the only other option is local storage (USB etc) and there is no other option. What else did you want to know?
comment Is it possible to delete the Minecraft folder on a Mac?
Well uninstalling Java and reinstalling the latest isn't really going to do much. Do as recommended Nuke the whole minecraft folder. It sounds like its become corrupted.
comment How long is a day in GTA V in real time?
@leigero that isn't what is being asked here. They are asking How long is a day in GTAV in real time? not How long is a day in GTA Online in real time? These are two completely different questions.
comment Cannot travel to DLC areas having purchased Season Pass
I noticed when I downloaded the DLC that for Borderlands 2 you need o site on the download screen whilst it is downloading. Not sure why but when I closed the window like I normally do and it continues it doesn't do that in borderlands it cancels the download. Sit and watch it download and once it has reached 100% and told you it has downloaded then close the window.
comment Single Player Only achievements
This generally means you have to play it alone on a single player account, but whether these are bugs, a miss understanding or what these can be got when playing coop as well. It is normally to separate it the single player achievements from the multiplayer achievements. So normally it should be coop and multiplayer (Team Deathmatch etc) would normally say (Multiplayer) and the single player achievements would have (Single Player) on them. but like i say bug or not you can seem to get single player ones in coop sometimes.
comment Which class is best suited for a ME3 Insanity playthrough?
I would say the whole question is asking for an opinion which is not allowed, but since I don't actually agree with the rules I am going to give this +1.