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Lover of sci-fi and fantasy, recently got back into reading comics on a regular basis and just started checking out Magic the Gathering. Fan of gaming (especially Monkey Island and similar games.)

comment Need to buy a genuine SONY PS3 controller. How do I avoid buying a knock-off?
You can do it either way but the way I read the question was he was looking for a solution to purchase online.
comment How do I collect this collectable in “Is it safe to ride?”?
I just did this one a few weeks ago and if you don't do it in slow you may end up missing the jump if the thrown table falls short
comment Ways to get faster times Quantum Conundrum?
I am currently working on the first few levels including the one that requires no shifts what so ever. I have tried cutting corners jumping items in the way standing in front of the doors to new rooms while waiting for speeches to end. I have not figured out Run if there is a function for this.
comment Ways to get faster times Quantum Conundrum?
Any reason behind the down vote?
comment Collecting all feathers and glyphs in Assassins Creed 2
I think you are merging Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.