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comment What lubricant does Sony use for the PS3 analog stick?
On mobile so can't easily link but you could check the Home Improvement SE. Silicon lubricant is often recommended for plastic on plastic. (I defer to white lithium grease when metal is involved e.g. hinges.) I'm not sure about this specific application however.
comment Why did you have to blow into an NES cartridge to make it work?
Downvoter: I re-added the single sentence that addresses blowing directly, if that's what you had issue with.
comment How do I walk up at a T-junction?
This has bugged me for ages... even looked into creating a patch for it once.
comment How do I rear my horse?
+1 Useful uncommon knowledge!
comment What can I do if I already killed a dragon for a Blades quest?
@Kromey They were definitely all marked 'Cleared'. I'm thinking it's something like, "a respawned dragon will not give you a soul" ...... unless you're of sufficiently high level (or finished main quest?) for it to be a high-level spawn such as "Ancient Dragon" which always gives a soul (with Ancient's Ascent bugged). That's only a GUESS. I have no idea. Maybe Ancient's Ascent isn't bugged but spawns a lesser dragon (despite "Ancient" in namesake) that my game considers non-soul-worthy.
comment What can I do if I already killed a dragon for a Blades quest?
@agf & Kromey, So I went on a dragon slaying tour to all the altars to figure this out. Each location long since cleared. Many an Ancient Dragon soul was found, until I found some plain Dragons (perhaps spawned much earlier in my game) which didn't decay, no soul. The subsequent respawns though were Ancient Dragons, for which I always received a soul. Somehow level/type based perhaps? Here's an oddity though, the Ancient Dragon at Ancient's Ascent (SW Helgen) never gives me a soul, period, on any respawns. Everywhere else does.
comment What can I do if I already killed a dragon for a Blades quest?
@Kromey Sounds like a bug to me. I kill a dragon, I get a dragon soul. I just tested a few more times at Skyborn Altar, soul each time. :-/
comment Do guards ever take any action against you for shouting in cities?
Non-harmful shouts only ever get warnings, so shout away, lie to the guard that you'll stop, and shout some more.
comment How can I open the Black Door to the west of Falkreath?
Windhelm, not Winterhold.
comment How can I cure lycanthropy?
I've done a dozen quests for Vilkas / Farkas and neither is asking to be cured. :( (After finishing main Companion quest line.)
comment What is the purpose of the Jarl's map in the Dragonreach?
I keep wondering, are the locations all added at once upon 'using' the map, or must you hover over and 'use' every pin? I didn't pay enough attention to notice.
comment Stealth with companions
@Pithlit After so long they will "become tired of waiting and return home", I received this as a notification after fast-traveling around a bit. Not sure how long it takes but it was well timed as I had just realized I forgot where I left them.
comment How do I do a Barrel Roll?
Of course it's really an aileron roll. ;) (vs. barrel roll)