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I am an experienced web developer with a broad knowledge base encompassing several overlapping web disciplines. My skill set includes several web languages including Java, Python, and PHP. I have a strong supporting knowledge of backend and frontend systems to provide the best web development value for the dollar.

I have extensive experience building comprehensive business applications as well as modifying and extending open-source content management systems. I utilize technologies such as jQuery and AJAX to provide rich user experiences. I have a strong background in Linux and Unix which provides a solid base from which to develop secure and reliable web applications.

My work on large-scale sites such as Politifact.com and Tampabay.com has given me an experienced knowledge base that I can used to help your business grow and prosper. If you need a passionate web development expert to enhance your business and meet your goals, contact me to find out how I can help.

comment How deep does water have to be to prevent fall damage?
In 1.8, the behavior has changed again. Multiple water blocks will be required again to eliminate damage from certain heights.
comment How deep does water have to be to prevent fall damage?
According to the wiki, this change was introduced in 1.4.3. All damage is absorbed by a single block of water (even shallow flowing water) when falling from any height.
comment In Minecraft, can ocelots get lost during teleports?
Have you checked for chronoton emissions?
comment Can I break the fall of an Enderman with water?
Do you have a reference for the "vine method"?
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