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I have always had a passion for computers and I have been making websites since my first year of Senior general secondary education (Also known as ‘Havo’ in Dutch). I have been web developing and programming ever since. I have made a few small web pages for gaming clans and one or two about my favorite sport; handbal.

This year I started at my study Bachelor of ICT at the HAN subdivision ICA the University of Applied Sciences, so I expect to learn a lot more about computers then I already know.

I hope this is what you expected from an about page. For further information about me follow the links at the top of the webpage to either go to my Linkedin profile or to send me an email.

comment Missing textures in Naval Strike maps
@ZeroStack I have tried to repair the game but with no succes. The videocard is factory overclocked, I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with my GPU.
comment Missing textures in Naval Strike maps
@Frank My GPU doesn't go over 79 degrees celsius and it only at 50% fan. That shouldn't be a problem. And it only happens in the Naval Strike maps and right from the start.