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comment Is there a real widescreen patch for Warcraft 3?
The widescreen resolutions show up, but the graphics don't appear to scale correctly. They stretch wide instead of extending the view.
comment Is there a glitch where the moose won't die?
Incidentally, I can tell you that my son and I managed to kill one the other day, but it was far from easy. We got lucky when I managed to lure it over a stack of lit gunpowder.
comment Declaring war when enemy spy is killed. Which is the warmonger penalty?
The source for that halved-warmongering quote is this page:
comment How to lure spiders as Webber without attacking the nest?
In lieu of fighting them, you can also scatter traps around their nest. They'll roam at evening and night and get caught. Then in the morning you can go collect from the traps.
comment What are the different game modes?
For Wilderness, what does "lose all their items" mean? Does it just refer to inventory, or to other items such as items in a chest, an ice box, or Chester? Does it mean those items are dropped on the ground, or that they vanish from existence?
comment Is there a mechanism to balance uneven team size?
Lost in what way? What kinds of victories did the opponent AI achieve?
comment Why don't AI players lose their army when having teared down economy
My impression is that units are never disbanded unless your Science has gone all the way to zero.
comment Install rollercoaster tycoon 2 with steam
If you make a purchase, definitely go with GOG over Steam. You own't have to put in a CD or have a separate program running or have web access in order to play. You can just run the program and play.
comment Is there any way to start Steam in offline mode without logging in first?
As of the present time, this solution appears not to work anymore.
comment How can I go to war without getting everyone else displeased in Civilization V?
This is a great answer, and it's been my go-to especially when seeking to conquer the world without having to fight everyone at the same time. "Sowing the seeds of discord" by encouraging wars between nations seems to keep them cranky enough at each other that I avoid facing a united front until it's too late for them.
comment As science research points increase in Civ 5, why does the research itself not hasten?
If you have a look at the Tech Tree and scroll to the right, you'll see that the far-right techs take a huge amount of science compared to the ones on the left.
comment Why can't I click enemy units anymore?
It's a misnomer, because turning it off also prevents you from selecting neutral creatures, mineral patches, and other things.
comment Aside from repairing via trader, is there any other way to repair ship hull?
The Hull Repair Drone is more cost-effective than store repairs over the course of the game. A drone part costs 8 scrap at a store, and the drone repairs 3-5 damage, so it costs an average of 2 scrap per repair. This is the same as the stores in the early sectors, and cheaper than later sectors where it goes to 3, then 4 per repair point. In addition, if you have a Drone Recovery Arm, you can get 2 repair points for free: Fire up the drone, let it repair twice, and then jump away, and it'll get collected instead of used up. (But this keeps it in its slot for your next battle.)
comment Does killing Pigs raise Naughtiness as Webber?
Of course, the next question is, what happens when spiders Webber controls kill a pig? I'd guess that you don't get naughtiness from that...but clearly it needs to be tested.
comment Was there a RCT scenario when you had a compete with a rival park?
Or he's just misremembering? The brain is a strange beast. I've had mine convince me I did things that, in fact, I only thought about.
comment What is the penalty for being cloned?
Another way to look at it is that any skill is decreased by as close to 10% as possible without going over 10%. (10% because, remember, there are two levels of skills.) If repair or combat took off one more skill point, that would push the percentage over 10% of the total (4/36 for repair = 11%; 2/16 for combat = 12.5%).
comment Game Over if all crew dead but have cloning bay?
@ChargingPun, based on what I've seen recently, I think that bug has been fixed, so that you only get fighting experience once for beating an enemy no matter how many times he clones.
comment How do I build a Lureplant farm?
Eyeplants also don't grow on rocky turf. It may be that they don't grow on any turf that other plants (such as pine trees) don't grow on.
comment What's the objective in Adventure Mode (inside Maxwell's Door)?
@rlb.usa, I was under the impression that you can't take anything with you when you go through Maxwell's Door, except special character items like Lucy.
comment Will Touchstones be wasted if I touch more than one before death?
By the way, it's not a bad idea to drop some grass and logs at a Touchstone. When you respawn, you'll have no inventory at all, and if it's the middle of winter, you might well freeze and then die a second time before you can get back to your base. So leave at least enough materials to make a fire.