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comment How to create and use multiple “dancer cards” in Just Dance 2015 on Xbox One?
What i mean is that the game does not "see" other accounts currently logged in simultaneously. It only records achievements and stats for the "primarily-logged-in" profile. I only have Lego Batman 3 to compare this to, and in Lego Batman, it attaches one user profile to each player and records their achievements separately.
comment How do I stop Xbox One games from running updates *while* playing?
I will try disabling Automatic Updates; it sounded like a "good" feature (saving time, so updates would run while the console was unattended) but I didn't realize it would update during gameplay. Of course it will be hard to prove a negative, so if it "never happens again" I might still not have stopped it. I do not want to disable Instant On altogether. That's not even an option for me. I've marked your answer as "Best", in any case, because it's comprehensive (some of which I already knew, but thank you). Someone googling will find an answer here too.
comment How do I stop Xbox One games from running updates *while* playing?
It's definitely not jailbroken. It's a brand new 1TB version of the console, only had it for about a month. Never owned a 360 or Original Xbox, so I don't know what to expect. This has only happened twice, which is not enough data points for "commonly happening". But I thought twice was enough to ask the question.
comment How do I stop Xbox One games from running updates *while* playing?
Yes, I was connected to the internet (and, presumably, Live, although I don't know how to verify that) when I started up the game. It could be relevant that Xbox is in "instant-on" mode and when I started up the Xbox and game, it basically "resumed" from a previous run. Not started from scratch, sitting at the main menu screen with a message saying "You were last playing as [gamertag] and you've been idle for 24 hours. Press A to continue, Y to switch profile, etc." Then I played for maybe 5-10 minutes (completed a different mission, received achievements, etc) before this occurred.
comment What does AFK mean?
This question makes me feel old. I remember asking it in the 80s when I logged on to the only BBS in town that had enough phone lines to host a chat room for the first time. :(
comment How can I kill myself in Nethack?
A wizard can't shoot himself on turn 1, at least not with force bolt. Have to take off your cloak first.
comment How do I install Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines unofficial patches?
Tried that, it doesn't change anything.
comment How to remove screen tearing in Portal?
Yes, enabling vsync seems to have cleared up the problem! Thanks!
comment After upgrading a PS3 hard drive, can I put the old one back in?
For those playing along, this is an alternative take on a previous question that was deemed too similar to another question. I haven't seen this specific one asked before.