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comment What are the types of bag loot items and how much are they worth?
Note that coke, gold, & cash can also be found in firestarter in the evidence room of the FBI building (day 2).
comment On heists with seperate loot and escape vehicles can loot bags be escaped?
In watchdogs taking the 9th bag onto the helicopter rather than waiting for the boat to come a 3rd time has odd effects. In the score screen Bain will say something about you not getting all the coke (which he won't say if you put the 9th bag in the boat) but the summary tab will reward you for 9 bags as if you had successfully secured the last one. It may be that it does count bags you escape with but that's not intended behavior, in which case I imagine it will be patched eventually.
comment What is Blood Offering?
@axrwkr Can you post that as an answer?
comment Feasible level for Yuffie to be at in order to attempt Godo's pagoda
Well, the best level would be 99. You might rephrase this as "what level do I need to get Yuffie up to in order to have a reasonable shot at beating Godo's pagoda?"
comment How many Warframes and weapons can I store without spending Platinum?
This is good information but doesn't really answer the question now that the OP has edited it.
comment What is the equation for damage in Warframe?
The TLDR is "it's complicated". The members of the Warframe community that have done the most in-depth investigations of how damage is calculated have made an Excel spreadsheet you can use to calculate how much damage a given weapon does with given mods.
comment On Warframe, does the Brokk Hammer Skin count as a new weapon?
@ShadowZorgon I edited my answer. Brokk is not a weapon. It's like a special 0-cost mod that can only be placed in Fragor but doesn't take up a mod slot. Yes you need a Fragor. There's no "carry over"; Brokk is just a different visual for Fragor that can be turned on and off from your arsenal any time you want.
comment How to effectively kill the 'spider' boss in Beat Hazard ultra?
The starfish-looking one? Pretty much just shoot it any time it's not curled up, and don't shoot it when it is curled up (it reflects attacks). Ideally use the Ultra Beam or Micro-Missiles to help kill it faster when it's uncurled.
comment Captured a city, but it's completely non-functioning
When you capture cities they're basically in revolt for a couple turns before they settle down and start being productive, and even then you'll have some unhappiness for quite a while.
comment Is there any benefit to running two Defense 1 drones simultaneously?
They don't miss very often though. I'm primarily interested in how a pair of Defense 1 drones works against the final boss' quad missile attack.
comment borderlands 2 skill tree blue “training” requirements
Every 5 points you put in a tree unlocks another level of the tree.
comment Will summoning Durnehviir level up Conjuration like I used a Conjuration spell?
Step 1: Make mod that removes the cooldown for the Durnehviir shout. Step 2: Spam Durnehviir shout. That said, I wouldn't think it would level conjuration; conjuration is a category of spells, and shouts aren't spells.
comment Is it possible to conquer an enemy system and not settle it?
Decon Droids or something like that. They don't do anything to the population in the system, just remove all improvements, but unlike the Plasma Raze Grid they give you dust for the improvements they remove.
comment How much time has passed between the events in Portal 1 and 2?
And you're basing this estimate on... what, exactly?
comment Can I play Saints Row: The Third co-op with PC and PS3?
No, PS3 Saints Row players cannot play with Steam Saints Row players.
comment What is Hull Weakness?
Haven't tested (which is hard), but I think this increases the crit chance of attacks against the ship.
comment Where to find a barber in Fallout NV?
Pretty sure you can find a barber module for the autodoc in Old World Blues; dunno about in the base game.
comment What is the logic of fleet groupings in Endless Space: Disharmony?
@RavenDreamer There's no such thing as "your" turn or "their" turn. Turns are simultaneous, it just seems like you trade turns because the AI is a computer and can (nearly) instantly do everything at the start of the turn other than the stuff where it wants to wait and see what you do (like ending a blockade).
comment How do I kill the Jarl?
It is literally impossible (unless you use mods) to kill any enemy flagged as essential, as most of the jarls are.
comment Quick way of selling at the trading post?
Sell the first item by right-clicking, then switch to the sell tab of the trading post and sell the rest of your stuff that way rather than by right-clicking on it in your inventory. It has to load the prices for things before you can sell them, there's no way to bypass that.