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comment I want to make a cattle farm in my dwarf fortress
The only way I can figure out a way is to use bridges that raise one direction. Doesn't really work all that well.
comment How do I deal with Terran harassment as Zerg?
Hydras are good for almost every occasion. Much more useful then Mutas for base defense and cheaper. Not as good outside your base without friends to keep them protected. Also, always build at least one overseer, you never know when it will make the difference between victory and getting wiped by cloaked units.
comment Dealing with the dreaded Terran Base Race
It all depends on how well you can handle an MMM mob. While it's true that getting a pylon setup outside of your main base causes one less worker, you can drop the pylon on your way to scout the enemy base. It's also only 50 min and 50 gas for warp tech and you can dedicate a single gateway to warp in units. It's mainly important to not dedicate too much to this harassment force, as you need to make sure your front door is strong. and that you have enough anti air to take out the dropships before they make it into your base.
comment How do you manage your base and armies if you go macro style?
Good answer. Learn to macro your base with hot keys. The only time you should be jumping your screen back to base is to place structures. Always try to know where the enemy's main army is. Scouting and "picket" defenses (random cheap units spread across the map) are your best bet to keeping one step ahead of your opponent. You might also want to have a small reserve force that can deal with harass units.
comment Why don't my marksdwarves do any damage?
what's the quality of bolts and crossbow that you are using?
comment I want to make a cattle farm in my dwarf fortress
Cages gives you better frame rates, smaller used space, and the ability to have a zoo. Restraints (rope/chain) allows for reproduction and invasion detection. Choosing which one to use depends on what you want to achieve. You do get a frame rate boost by using restraints, but not as big of a boost as using cages.
comment My dwarves are sleeping in each other's beds!
The main reason you give dwarfs beds is so the they can have some possessions. I use the bedroom as an anchor for their cabinets and coffers so they can store items that they claim.
comment Is it possible to run Plants Vs. Zombies in 16:9 aspect ratio?
Then everything is working correctly. Like I said, the game can only display a 4:3 signal. So the answer to your question is "no, it is not possible to play in 16:9."