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comment Are there any countermeasures to turbo-controller users?
-1. You didn't answer the question. Filing bug reports, and not playing with someone(how do you avoid playing with them in random online matches?) is not the same thing as countering the use of turbo controllers.
comment Do monsters respawn in Half Life?
All singleplayer half-life games, or games games based on src or goldsrc have multiple save slots and quick saving. You can make as many saves as you want and load them at any time. So if you wonder if its OK to do something, save, then try it. Just don't accidentally quick save midway down a fatal fall.(like I did halfway through an Hl1 mod once)
comment What constitutes a fatal fall into one block deep water?
Lava grinders have the chance of burning up some of the drops.
comment Can I safely uninstall games purchased from Steam?
@Bem, you actually can just transfer the entire steamapps folder from steam across the network, and into the new steam installation folder. The first time you try to play each game it will take a few seconds to verify that everything is there and download anything that could be missing.
comment Graphics compatibility of PS3 with PC
The full answer is much more complex than this, but what it really boils down to is that rendering a higher resolution requires a lot more graphics memory, and the ps3 only has 256 megs of graphics memory. Rendering the same scene at 720P will use less memory, and will be done at a higher frame-rate, freeing extra resources that can be used for effects and other things that make the game look better.
comment Oddly predictable stutter, only in Crysis
My 8800GT and Q6600 @3GHZ can run Crysis with most settings on Very High, and some turned down that don't add much, I can get playable framerates.
comment Worms Reloaded - Using Teleport makes my rig say g'bye!
@Powerlord, Q6600 processors can easily be clocked to 3.4GHZ on air alone, I have 3.0GHZ on mine and it has run fine for over 3 years. 3.0GHZ on that processor is completely fine, as long as your temps are sane.
comment How do I build HUGE constructions in Minecraft?
Are you willing to use cheats?
comment Is it safe to close Minecraft's multiplayer server?
I have had issues with closing it without typing in stop.
comment How do I toggle on and off sneak in Minecraft?
Autohotkey is a large and complex program. This answer is useless without more information.
comment Why is it intuitive to have the up and down arrow keys reversed in flight simulation games?
Actually planes can yaw, they have rudders, but you are right, if you want to make a sharp turn, use the bank and pull up.