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comment Can you have one FIFA ultimate team in two accounts?
@aytimothy if we knew which FIFA game they are talking about we could edit the tag so rather than it being click bait/attention seeking it's the correct one.
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revised Trying to make peace between geth quarians problem. Mass effect3
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comment How to beat the Katakan?
From what i saw on the Good Game Review with a Werewolf Boss his HP regenerated fast and for Hex to beat him she had to research an oil to apply it to her sword and from the looks of the video it slowed down the regen. maybe it's the same, you need something to apply to your sword to make it weaker
revised How can I check if a player is in the air with /testfor?
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comment Forge Crashes when opening a world
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because by community consensus, questions asking for support of Modded Minecraft are now off-topic on Arqade…
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comment How do you gain Mana for weapons which only contain Healing Abilities?
@RossRidge check that last night but unfortunately it didn't work, i used every healing ability at least once in a battle and still only my sword got Mana
comment Achievements not working in Minecraft
to expand on what @Ben said, if you are running a mod like Burbles and your opening up it's inventory it wont give you the first achievement, you need to open up the original inventory with the key press and not a mod related one (with Burbles you can't even switch over to the original inventory to get the achievement, you have to remap the key press so that you open the original inventory my itself)
reviewed Reject How do I level non-elemental dragons past level 10?
comment Far Cry 4 Downloading when I have the disc?
Installing is different from Downloading since the latter requires a net connection. some games (even on the PS3) require you to install some of the game even when you have the disk (ie. Metal Gear Solid 4). having not played Far Cry 4 (or that many disk based games on XBOne or PS4) i'm not entirely sure if it's normal or not, i remember Knack on PS4 wanting to install when i had the disk but i can't remember if Assassin's Creed Unity needed to on XBOne
revised How do you gain Mana for weapons which only contain Healing Abilities?
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asked How do you gain Mana for weapons which only contain Healing Abilities?
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