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Matt Kerr is a software development engineer at Microsoft Studios, primarily working on cloud services and business intelligence for Xbox LIVE titles. He has supported and developed features the user-generated content sharing platforms powering Project Spark and Kinect Fun Labs, and implemented business analytics solutions for Studios published titles such as Kinect Rush! and Kinect Star Wars. He was also a developer on the Xbox 360 video streaming app, the Live Event Player, which was used to stream the 2012 Revolver Magazine Golden Gods awards show and the Microsoft E3 2012 Keynote live in HD quality. In the past, Matt Kerr worked at EA Sports and developed business analytics tools for titles such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters and NCAA Football 2012.

comment Track the changes made by mods?
If the unexpected behavior is from script conflicts, you can use WryeBash to detect them and merge them with patch mod files.
comment What are the differences between Baldur's Gate Enhanced edition and the classic one?
Yes, but the modding community has ported the Weidu modding utility and various things such as Sword Coast Strategems (in beta right now) enemy AI and BP Series party AI. I'm not using SCS quite yet but I am using BP Series, and it's quite good to help you make your own party's management in combat less fiddly. See the AI section on this link: forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/15380/…
comment Can I run Baldur's Gate on my Windows 7 computer?
It works on Windows 7 and 8. I'm using the Beamdog version.