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comment How to survive the curse-frogs in Dark Souls?
I did not know that. That's harsh, though I kind of like it better. When I was farming the frogs, before Gaping Dragon (?), and occasionally got cursed again, I was a bit disappointed in that it was no punishment. I am glad that they got the giant rats before the frogs, so that you really feel that your hp is halved, they got me more times than the frogs, due to the curse.
comment Is it possible to kill Ornstein and Smough at the same time?
Sure, the dev's could do something like: if (smough_is_defeated && ornstien_is_alive), but I would not put past them to fail this condition, actually. Many aspects of Dark Souls show poor workmanship, technology wise (even then, they used an existing engine Phyre). FFS From Software, I don't need you to render an enemy that barely renders to one pixel on my screen in Blighttown, just check the distance between my camera position and the monster, and if it is less than a certain value, render! Stuttering in Blighttown solved!