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comment Enemy Within with older DLCs
Yes I had Slingshot installed when I took the screenshot. My post has been edited by someone else to state that Slingshot is always available even if you didn't get the DLC - my original post did not state that.
comment Rising Dragon Achievement With Mechanized Chilong
I've not already got the achievement - it's not in the list of locked achievements either though as it's a hidden achievement. I have 82 of 85 achievements unlocked with both "Meet New People..." & "Bubonic" showing as the only 2 locked.
comment Frequent disconnects over LAN?
I have the same problem. The later versions of the game seem to be better - Gods and Kings seems to suffer less. Another thing that seemed to help was starting the game on the best spec'ed PC and joining the others to that. Finally only playing on Tiny or Small maps helps. I still have the problem on occasion though so this is not an answer.
comment Full Satellite Coverage vs Exposed Home Continent
I'm not sure the this makes sense - you say to focus on satellites on your home continent first so you don't need to buy interceptors so this saves money. But you don't need the satellites for the home continent bonus - so you spent more on unneeded satellites than you would do on interceptors elsewhere.
comment Full Satellite Coverage vs Exposed Home Continent
That's a fair point - I've edited my question to state mid-game rather than early game. I normally have full satellite coverage by month 4 (I think) and I've sold a lot of resources by then. I'm normally short of weapon fragments and then alloys for research. So the abduction missions help a lot here.
comment As a seasoned XCom player is it worth playing the Enemy Within Tutorial?
Many thanks. After doing the 2 tutorials I restarted and went through it again with no tutorials. You are correct, the only new thing is Meld and it's self-explanatory how that is used.
comment Do Drones Alert & Report Your Position To Their Sectopod?
I don't think it is quite the same question is it? I did consider this but this is not talking about one group making another active.