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comment How does inFamous 2 decide if you were good or evil in the previous game?
As an example, in the "Past Decisions" side mission, if you destroyed the Ray Sphere in Infamous 1, the woman will thank you for saving her grandmother, kiss you on the cheek, then the mission ends immediately, awarding you 20 XP. On the other hand, if you used the Ray Sphere on Empire City, the same woman will threaten Cole, then the Militia she hired will try to kill you. If you defeat them, you get 20 XP.
answered How does Infamous 2 change based on the way I played Infamous 1?
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comment What route did you use to earn the Stunt Superstar award in Burnout Paradise?
I started out exactly as you did, except I continued over the bridge, using the jumps and the billboards in the middle. My multiplier determined how many big air jumps I took in the quarry...one, two or all three. Two key things, though: To keep your boost up on the way there, you need to drive into opposing traffic. Also, don't forget the flatspins and barrel roll opportunities.