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Lover of all things techie~

"Every programmer is developing in [a] group of programmers. The smallest group is yourself and yourself a couple of weeks later." - Michael Suodenjoki

Some projects I am currently working on:

  • Octo - Automated Build System built on top of Node.JS
  • SKiD - Structurally Kinetic Development is a web-based IDE that allows the user to visualize edit code using graphs, visually mapping calls between methods in real time (as you're typing code). SKiD provides a platform on which developers and teams can tailor their IDE to their workflow for free and in the cloud. SKiD is completely open source - both front and back end.
  • Rippl - A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) using a flow-chart approach rather than a linear workflow (and much more).
  • Mushine - 2.5D (3D but seemingly on 2 dimensions) game where you 'program' robots to mine for you. The depth is infinite, and the game is completely multiplayer.
  • 8B - Source MP mod with mechanized teams. Players hone their skills freely; there are no 'levels', but instead traits that are leveled abstractly (without numbers). These traits, in turn, form classes.
  • JLow - Java debugger that hooks into specific code at various levels of a program and allows for runtime filtering of values as well as basic profiling.
  • CodeHub - A Natoga module (essentially a sub-domain) that features real time recordings of code + audio in the form of tutorials for several languages. Written in Haxe and Coffee-Script.
  • JeTT.FM (abandoned) - Java API implementation for the Turntable.FM system

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