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comment Which condition is converted to which boon?
Another chart, with some similarities:…. The idea of a conversion priority probably warrants discussion. Yet another chart here:…; note the reported issue with Blind.
comment Surviving and thriving as a low level thief?
Thanks for the detailed and well thought out response, agent86. It seems that the path to a skilled thief is perhaps more gradual than some of the other play styles, at least toward the beginning of the game anyway. Good point about using magic, although that seems a bit less "theify" to me.
comment How can I learn sneaking effectively?
I was surprised to not see armor class mentioned in any of these answers. The OP mentioned that he or she "...[is] playing a non-stealth character..." What type of armor do you normally wear? Armor makes noise as you sneak and has an effect on your sneaking acuity, assuming you don't have the relevant perks:…