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comment Heroes of Might & Magic 3 adventure map object reference
Actually, I do know Russian :) While this source is in no way authoritative, it may be quite useful in describing subtleties that I may have missed in my own research. Thank you!
comment Heroes of Might & Magic 3 adventure map object reference
celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=619 heroesofmightandmagic.com/heroes3/mapbattle.shtml heroes.thelazy.net/wiki/Adventure_map As I said, the information can be found on these sites, and while none of the webmasters I mailed has replied yet, there obviously has to be an authoritative source for all that information. And yes, it appears not to be included of the HoMM distribution, hence the question :)
comment Heroes of Might & Magic 3: troop speed formula?
Great, thanks! Although I'd like to add that AFAIK if a hero has a specialty corresponding to the creature type, these creatures also get a +1 bonus to speed. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
comment Common Gamer ID systems?
In other words, it is perfectly okay to provide a single sign-on and authentication mechanism for games based on a proposed platform (at least for some while)?