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My participation here is limited for reasons of poor fit with the emergent Arqade governance structures brought to light 2013-11-15. Expect little or no response to comments. Feel free to update any of my answers that have fallen out of date.

Learning that “face” time in chat held primacy over Meta for setting and executing consensus extinguished any ability to accessibly engage in site governance. Interest in contributing to Arqade followed. As of 2015-01 I am participating in a limited way that does not need me to care about how the site is run.

I love games, but don't have the disposable time to really count as hardcore despite liking traditionally "hardcore" game genres. Besides, the playing experience is so much more interesting to me than the mere winning.

I game mostly on the PC (Windows and Mac) and the XBox 360. iPhone games are fun diversions but keep my attention even less well than usual.