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comment Why doesn't the Templar Order care about the 2nd disaster?
Sorry I didn't accept your answer because simply I just don't buy it. Precisely you said Their plans just don't add up and I agree, they don't. They aren't stupid and we see again and again how much they care about what the old ones say. It is frankly impossible for them to miss what the old ones are trying to tell everyone (2nd disaster). But +1 for the effort.
comment What does a person's death caused by assassination without your knowledge look like to you?
Just to add to your suggestion of getting a good council - I take it a step further and consistently marry off uninheriting children to anybody with high stats (on agnatic-cognatic females can be treasurer and spymaster). Just remember to 1) marry matrilineally for princesses and 2) not to give them any titles because then their spouses won't be in your court anymore, even if they're your direct vassal. This way I consistently have councillors with 20+ ratings and nephews/nieces with pretty good traits (although this can be very bad).
comment Why doesn't the Templar Order care about the 2nd disaster?
@Colin assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/2012_coronal_mass_ejection
comment Is there a list on when you should do the driving in LA Noire?
yes, if I tell my partner to drive he climbs out of the window. Also, I noticed I got the wrong case...whoops!