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I'm a Computer Science graduate (class of 2013!) who's trying to make her way into the real world. It's...very slow, I can assure you.

I like to cook and play video games. I'm (primarily) a console player--I have an Xbox 360 and PS3. (Gamertag and PSN ID will be kept private for a couple of reasons though.)

My favorite games are currently the Assassin's Creed series (you can find me on multiplayer occasionally, even, since I play with lots of clanmates), Borderlands 2, Minecraft, the Final Fantasy series, the Kingdom Hearts series, and The Last of Us. I've been playing games since I was five, thanks to my fellow engineer brother who introduced me to them. I love RPGs and Action/Adventure games, but I also don't mind a little bit of Puzzle games here and then either.

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