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I've been a gamer since childhood, probably for 20 years now or so. Gaming got me hooked up on programming, because I wanted to write games and was interested in how they were built and how they worked. I think it's pretty common story. I never became a game programmer, but I became a programmer regardless. I run my own software house (as in - I'm a freelancer running a business out of my home :P) and still play games.

My first computer was C-64, then I had Amiga 500/600 (these were immensely popular in Poland, even after they ceased to be produced in the West), then I moved to PC. I used to be a PC gamer for years and just touched PSOne (then named PSX) a few times. That was until I bought PS2 (sadly, no longer in my possession) in 2007. I rarely play PC games now and own two HD consoles - XBOX 360 and PS3. My favorite genres are RPG, action adventure and point & click, but I play all sorts of games really. I fancy good co-op, too, so I'm really happy to see all those new games with co-op modes that are being released as of late.

I also used to have a GBA and recently bought iPad 2, so I also occasionally play iOS games now.

If you'd like to see my profiles and perhaps join my friendlists my ID on both XBL and PSN is HazeSpire (same as here). Please note that I refuse to pay for XBL Gold (I already paid for the games!), so as far as multiplayer goes it's PS3 for me only.

EDIT 2014/08/27: I recently bought a new PC and so joined the PC Master Race. You can find me on Steam.

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