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I work as an apprentice computer technician. In my last year of high school I set up my own web server on a derelict computer I had lying around, and used it as a testing ground for a bunch of PHP stuff, which is where I've got most of my web development experience. During my first year of high school I started development of the Carmageddon mod Switcher (simply known as Carmageddon Mod) for GTAIV. I initially wrote the damn thing in VBScript, as stupid as I was, without any knowledge of object-oriented programming. As such, it was a mess, and I soon wanted to actually give it a proper interface. I force myself to understand how OOP works (which took quite some time), and soon enough I had settled on writing the switcher in Python with Qt as the UI. It is about half-way complete, and it is my only source of Python experience (although I can say for sure that I've learned a lot).

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