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I am a software programmer using C#, C+, and (less often) PHP. I frequently work with SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML.

I own a business for technical consulting, programming, general IT work, and designing custom electronics (usually for costumes and theater/movie prop use).

I enjoy computers, music composition, photography, writing, sci-fi/fantasy, birding, and occasional cooking. (Many of which are topics of SE sites!)

A note on capitalization, spelling, and grammar: I care about the quality and readability of the questions and answers on StackExchange sites. I frequently edit for these reasons. I understand that not everyone knows English as their first language. If I leave a comment for you asking you to observe some language-usage convention, it's meant as a helpful hint, not as an attack.

comment Can I play WoW without internet access?
Consider this: WoW doesn't use much bandwidth, except for patch and update distribution. "While idle, the game will typically use between 1 and 7 KB/sec downstream (depending on how busy the area is) and less than 1 KB/sec upstream. While being more active, bandwidth usage is typically between 10 and 20 KB/sec downstream and 1 or 2 KB/sec upstream."
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revised Why do some players build their buildings in a line (towards the entrance of their base)?
Spelling of "summary", brought postscript section up and formatted similar to other headings. (Why so many linefeeds?)
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