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I have worked professionally with software development since 1997. Since year 2000 I have worked as an independent contractor, helping various business in developing their internal and external IT systems. Since 2002 I have worked almost exclusively with the .NET framework.

Of notable work can be mentioned IT-Jobbank, Denmark's largest online job board for IT professionals, where I was the lead developer and architect.

comment Crysis crashes on Windows 8 Pro - what to do?
I have two or three times experienced faulty RAM, and in the cases I have experienced, the behavior patterns were not at all as random as I would have expected. Typically many different programs would run fine, but one specific program would crash. I'm just saying that if it is possible to remove part of the ram, then it's worth a shot to see if it helps.
comment How much can my follower carry?
Have anyone tested if this bug still exists with the latest patches applied?
comment Does my Xbox 360 Premium, purchased in December 2007, support 3D?
I assume that this is correct. However, it appears that I have bought an older XBox model at the time of purchase, because mine does not have an HDMI output. Alas, no 3D for me - I was using the using a component video cable, which can't handle 3D :(
comment When can I cast Adept spells? Where can I buy them?
Had a similar experience. Walked into a shop. Accidentally sold stuff I wanted to keep. Reload the autosave. Boom - shopkeeper has no money. I had to quit the game and reload (ps3)
comment Are there any unlock spells in Skyrim?
I don't think that mod will do me much good on the console version.
comment Can I place rooms/equipment specific to non-alchemy professions in my Whiterun House?
Great tip. I just started my "other" character as a mage, and I did not fancy saving up for the house in Whiterun just to get a place to store my stuff.
comment How do I make money efficiently?
In oblivion, my fav. money making was joining the mages guild. Run around the guild hall and grab alchemy equipment (not counted as stealing when you are a guild member), and then sell them back to the in-house alchymist :)
comment Can someone provide me with a summary of the Metal Gear Solid series?
GameTrailers.com made a 5-part metal gear retrospective. You can see the first here. You can probably find the rest from there. gametrailers.com/video/part-one-metal-gear/33740