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comment Why does my Final Fantasy Tactics Samurai do so little damage?
You should use Ramza and Luso's "Steel" and "Shout" commands, which boost bravery about twice as much per turn compared to the orator's "Praise". (They boost by 5 rather than 4, and hit 100% of the time, rather than ~50%).
comment When unlocking the Onion Knight, do already-mastered jobs count towards its job level?
Thanks. Do the jobs already mastered before you unlock Onion Knight count, so long as they're not Squire, Chemist, Dark Knight, or Mime?
comment How to permanently raise/lower Bravery/Faith stats in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions?
This FAQ says that the permanent change of bravery or faith is 1/4 of the in-fight change, rounded down. This goes for either positive or negative change. Search for "00brave" here: gamefaqs.com/iphone/…
comment What influences the success rate for “errands” in Final Fantasy Tactics?
From the linked FAQ, it seems that the # of days only affects the amount of money and JP won, not the success rate. I was also surprised to read that higher levels aren't necessarily better. Thanks for the link!
comment Does Final Fantasy Tactics have noticeable slowdowns even on the iPhone 4S?
Square-Enix has patched the game to fix the frequent crashes, so I bought it. I've added an answer to my own question below.
comment Does Final Fantasy Tactics have noticeable slowdowns even on the iPhone 4S?
At the moment, the question is somewhat moot; Square Enix recently added the following to the FFT app description: "You may have a problem below when you play this app on iPhone 4S. *Freezed unexpectedly in many places. We apologize for the inconvenience. It will be updated soon." Hope the update also improves performance!