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comment What does Robin want?
I like the answer but it would be a little bit more authoritative if it came from somebody who had actually played the DLC
comment How do I bring Cockram and Burgess closer together?
This was the method that worked for me.
comment What's the secret to playing Sniper?
Nice guide. For a more offensive game, consider the Huntsman. We have an advantage at close to mid range in Sniper vs Sniper and a more offensive game, more likely to appear behind you.
comment How does the ending fix anything?
Travelling on a circle is only one type of infinite. Do you have a source for the claim that the game developers called it Bioshock Infinite because you could replay it infinite times?
comment How is the after credits scene possible? (Spoiler)
Except there are infinitely many universes where Comstock is become. That would be a lot of drownings.
comment What about Great Person tile improvements in Civ5?
You don't have to rush the most expensive technologies. The Great Scientist gives you a number of beakers. Any beakers given above the cost of the first technology will be applied to the second technology you select.
comment Can bribing a guarded foe gain friendship?
Bribe your friendly Koreans to attack the unfriendly Aztec for a few turns. They'll eventually realize that being friends with you isn't worth their time (any may backstab you), and it'll distract both opponents for ten turns, reducing their military progress, which will weaken their economy and scientific progress.
comment What happens to a research agreement when we go to war in Civ 5?
@BlueRaja, Don't use a research agreement if you are going to break it. Offer the opponent GPT and goods for his treasury gold. The GPT and goods will be returned once you declare war. You'll be at least 500 richer instead of 500 poorer.
comment Any known glitches for Civ 5?
Trade agreements are broken upon war, so you can request all the gold in an empire's treasury, in return for GPT and goods. Declare war, and your GPT and goods will be returned, but you keep the gold. Also, I've seen an instance where a city-state started gaining 10-15 influence a turn to no end, but I haven't been able to replicate that feat.
comment What determines your character's voice actor in TOR?
The voice actor is the predominant reason I chose my Jedi Knight. I was disappointed that David Hayter did not employ more gruff-speak.
comment Getting the most out of AC3's Wolf Pack multiplayer
Private matchs with friends are the way to go. The missions scale based on the number of players, so you can solo the lowest level difficulty, and a duo can complete the second level difficulty. Avoid public matchmaking, especially on the lowest difficulty. Its also extremely easy to sync your kills when playing alone (Playing with other people in multiplayer is overrated).
comment Do I need to have played Mass Effect 1 or 2 to understand Mass Effect 3's storyline?
Mass Effect has a morality scale similar to most of Bioware games. The scale is Renegade (bad) to Paragon (good). For reference to other Bioware games, think Dark side to Light side or Closed Fist to Open Palm.
comment Does the trinket from the Asari consort have any use in the later games?
That may have been a sound judgement on the part of the developers. It was common to visit the Consort before talking with the Elcor Diplomat, thus failing to receive the trinket to unlock the Prothean artifact since she only awards it for players who visit her only after both quests are resolved.
comment Are you supposed to know who you're playing as in Metal Gear Solid 3?
The game isn't about discovering your Big Boss/Naked Snake, its about learning who Big Boss is and why he, and therefore Solid Snake, do the things they do...
comment How to use an enemy as a meatbag?
The different text, and the in-game term that is displayed, is "Human Shield".
comment Which classes and weapons are best for countering Combat Mini-Sentries and how?
Agreed, the reduced knockback means even pyros can walk up and destroy it. My favorite Engy way is to build my own mini-sentry right in front of it and use the Wrangler.
comment Is there any point to co-op dueling?
In Borderlands 1, weapons with knockback could be used to propel your opponent to out-of-reach areas. One particular boss's shotgun was well served for this purpose, but I have not played 2 so I cannot say if this particularly fun feature was fixed.
comment Why do my units created pre-optics not get embarkment?
Note that an allied city-state counts as your domain in regards to unit upgrades, for those units that tend to get lost in the weeds.
comment Guide for improving aim at First Person Shooters in consoles
Configuring horizontal and vertical sensitivity can really change the feel of the game, and I know that Uncharted 3 has a frustrating auto-assist that wants to stop your reticule right outside the enemy hitbox.
comment Stuck at an average of ~40 sec Intermediate, ~120 sec Expert — how best to improve from here?
It would be unwise if you were mapping an actual minefield, but this solution is guarenteed to yield an average below the ~1 mine / second barrier for every game you win.