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I'm a developer in Calgary Canada (well, actually Cochrane) and one of the owners of Flo Media Group Inc. I work primarily in C# .NET, Xamarin, HTML5 and Javascript. When I'm not coding, I'm loving on my wonderful wife and children.... or maybe just at the Golf Course.

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comment Transfer Call of Duty MW3 save from PC to PS3?
<rant>while this is the right answer, I find it incredibly inconvenient in this day and age that data transfer is not possible for bits like this. Most likely, settings/achievements/progress/etc are placed in some form of persistant storage (probably XML) and should be easily pushed to other devices if the game developers would be motivated enough to include such options.</rant>
comment Dream Job vs Skill Level 9
that's exactly what I do... works great.
comment Dream Job vs Skill Level 9
but keeping them in their dream job allows you to get double the stock for the same price. Keeping them around UNTIL a new bitizen with a higher skill level in that same dream job arrives is definitely a better idea than evicting them simply for a higher skill level.
comment Does the BitBook have any significant meaning?
So basically there's just no way to make a low skill bitizen happy, even if they're in their dream job.
comment Third Person Mode for Portal / Portal 2
Nice! I'll take a look for sure.
comment Third Person Mode for Portal / Portal 2
frigging vertigo sucks balls.