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I enjoy programming in Ruby.

Although I've been writing code for a few years, I still consider myself a novice programmer.

Right now I'm learning Basic, but would also like to learn Java, C, Python, JavaCcript, the list really goes on.

I'm learning Italian and it would be awesome for the Italian Stack Exchange site to get past the commitment phase. If you're interested in Italian, please commit!

comment When does the Yeti Zombie appear in Plants vs Zombies?
Correct, he appeared in 4-10 for me when I replayed the game. After his initial appearance, you will see him in other levels as well as in the side-games.
comment Is there any point to breaking the surveillance cameras?
Yeah but it's just walking through the grid and then disintegration. With incineration, it just disappears. Now with the lasers there's a bit of burning before an explosion for those of us who enjoy the dark pleasure of destroying turrets and cameras. Still in the middle of the game somewhere so I can't comment on any other fun destroyable objects that may lie in the levels ahead. :P
comment How do I take the companion cube with me after the level “Cold Boot” in Portal 2?
Same. Also, once a friend of mine pointed out there was a wall, it still took me a while to figure it out. Once I figured it out, it was one of those facepalm moments.