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I'm a professional game developer and a ♦ at the Game Development SE.

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comment Why can't I start “Under New Management?”
No mods, I assume? The wiki suggests, at the bottom, and certain mods may interfere with this, although that's totally unsubstantiated. Still it would be good to know if you've got anything running that may interfere.
comment What is the longest dagger in Skyrim?
They are; the best way to get an authoritative answer for this is probably going to be to crack open the .nif files for the daggers and measure the longest axes of the geometry bounding boxes (and also account for any scale factors the weapon data can apply, although I don't recall that being a thing.)
comment Was Cicero the Adoring Fan?
@Studoku Yea, that's what I mean (the reference to the trivia section that Finn is making is not potentially confusing since there was debate on the wiki as to where that content belonged, and the Trivia section is currently missing from the page he links). "Debated" was a poor word choice in hindsight.
comment Was Cicero the Adoring Fan?
It's worth pointing out that the trivia reference you are referring to is debated.
comment Why aren't the dragons spawning?
Note that one the player completes Dragon Rising (which is an earlier quest), random dragon spawns will start.
comment What happened to the East Empire Company?
What evidence do you have that they are "diminished" during the period of Skyrim? Their warehouses in Solitude look quite well stocked, after all. It could simply be that Skyrim is not as critical a province as Vvardenfell, Morrowind, and Cyrodill appear to be.
comment How do I install Diablo 2 on Windows 7
That's good to know; I don't actually have discs for the game any longer so my answer is based mainly on the memory of them. And the way the autorun stuff works.
comment How can I add foreground blur to ENBSeries' depth-of-field in Skyrim?
A screenshot would really help; it's fairly easy to alter the blur strength and focal point of the DOF shader, but I'm not entirely sure that will yield the effect you're actually thinking of.
comment Why can't I purchase Hjerim?
Can you be more specific? Is the option to purchase the house not available? Is it available but doesn't seem to do anything? Et cetera. This is, unfortunately, a particularly buggy house and you may have to revert to an earlier save.
comment Statistic difference between ascended and legendary?
I can give you a (former) developer's citation: they don't have stat differences, they're all about sparkle and ponies and sunsets.
comment Does Progress Quest end?
I looked at the code, but you beat me to the answer. :) I can't find any obvious check for a natural "ending" of a character, it will go until the storage for its various stats overflows (mostly 32-bit numbers). Then it will start to act oddly and probably eventually crash; this is in fact mentioned in the FAQ.
comment Explain the phrase “Oh, He is smart like my shoe” - Chivalry
An obvious answer is still an answer (and as far as I can tell, the right one; the phrase is so nonsensical as to perhaps be an inside joke from the developers, but that's going to be hard to confirm).
comment Can you turn off the light bar detection feedback?
Have you tried disabling the light UI in the game's options menu? It's in the same section where you toggle the display of navigation prompts and markers and the like. Although I suspect this would turn off the globe both in the on-screen UI and the controller, which maybe is not what you want...
I like your style.
comment How can I toggle/cycle through settings?
Provide some brief background on what exactly you are "cycling" in or what exactly you mean by "cycling" in this context. Even though the question is specific in its focus you should be able to write it in such a way as include enough basic background information to give somebody who doesn't know the details of the Source engine to understand what are asking. As written, this question is only vaguely clarified by your answer, which is bad.
comment What does D3D11 do?
Correct. Presumably the game is only enabling that checkbox if you meet the requirements (detailed above), so you should give it a try and see if it improves performance or visual quality.
comment How to make abilities that don't scale their cost off skills and active effects?
It's on-topic for GDSE but there is very little Skyrim mod activity there - a specialized Skyrim modding forum may be a better place to go.
comment Should I explore every dungeon and structure as I encounter them in my travels or will a quest eventually lead me to all locations?
I feel your pain. I handle the problem by avoiding discovering locations that I am not going to explore immediately (they are darker/inverted on your compass when undiscovered by nearby, so I avoid getting closer). This way, I know that every location on my map has been explored. This doesn't let me track the locations I've skipped by, however.
comment How do I access the Shadow of Colossus developer menu?
Reading the CRF pages in more depth, it sounds like I might have gotten my memory of the relative ages of the two demos mixed up, but I'm not sure.
comment Is it possible for a Jumping Puzzle / Dive to be Bugged in a subset of Servers?
No need to apologize :)