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A young, fresh-faced QA Analyst. Popping the why stack and punching ducks.

I work for a very fine software company in the UK, I like to help others with their problems, and I like to get help with mine. I'm also a lock picker, a gamer, a programmer and a terrbile cook and these are all reasons I get on so well with StackExchange.

If you are a QA or Automation type I direct you to the QA stack exchange site: http://sqa.stackexchange.com/

comment What use is the Conniver's Kunai and strategies used with it?
+1 for Dead Ringer addon. The extra health lets you come out of a dead ringer activation with enough health to make another attack immediately, every time, with no need to find health.
comment In theory, what is the maximum practical level for skills and attributes in Oblivion?
So the answer to the question for skills would be "Practical maximum for skills is 100, except Acrobatics/Athletics which are 255, the actual maximum for skills", as in your answer above, but I can't see a practical or actual maximum for attributes, only that some benefits apply over 100. I will assume that all attributes have some practical effect up to 255 (also assuming an 8-bit value like skills), but anyone can feel free to put me right on this.
comment How can the Freeman make this baby fly?
+1 for +1 for malarkey
comment What are some tips for mastering redstone circuits?
+1 for videos are better. Also experience; once primed by the video tutorial there's no substitute for getting your hands dirty building some experimental circuits to see what they do. It's about knowing where to put the blocks as much as the circuit logic.
comment What, exactly, is Bukkit for Minecraft?
This answered all my points, and some I forgot to ask (craftbukkit), so many thanks!