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Keenly interested in applying video game technology to photography, storytelling, art, the web, etc.

Extremely appreciative of elegant, subtle, and uncomplicated, but powerful designs.

Believer in the power of user contribution: Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, Photosynth

Friend of mutual appreciation: Both open and closed source.

Enemy of zero sum competitiveness: where to like Microsoft I must hate something else (and vice versa).

comment Where is my last anti-cube in FEZ?
I think that the issue was that not long after starting the game my save file got corrupted and I had to start over again. Apparently the second time through, I got the heart piece but not the anti-cube.
comment Why is it intuitive to have the up and down arrow keys reversed in flight simulation games?
To my way of thinking, it is merely closer to the screen than I am, which is still 'Forward'.