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comment How do I remove this Elder Scroll from my inventory?
The only time I've used it is to get Dragonrend; it doesn't seem to be needed through the rest of the main questline.
comment Do I level up a spell faster by casting often or by casting longer?
@Annan A giant stuck a safe distance away due to poor pathfinding, and possibly, but it would have been a minimal amount. The character was very low level, so his regen rate was very small, and I was as rapid as I could be with my casts.
comment Is the Power Bash ability in Skyrim any use for 2-hand weapon focused character?
@MarkTrapp Thanks, edited my answer to reflect.
comment How can I optimize my inventory for weight vs. value in Skyrim?
True, light armor is lighter, but both light and heavy armor have perks that negate the weight of armor worn - Unhindered and Conditioning, respectively.
comment Revealing the unseen - Focus the oculory - Why can't I focus the focus crystal?
There isn't much to it, I just put the focus crystal in place, then alternated Flame and Frostbite until it lined the beams up to a usable position. I do remember having to stand really close to the crystal in order to get anything to happen.
comment Can you lose a purchased horse in Skyrim?
Also, horses are not immune to fall damage. Found that one out the hard way.
comment How do I find an ore mine?
Veins are rumored to refresh over time, but I haven't seen it personally. The types of ores seem to depend on the area: the Embershard mine has all iron, and there's a dwarven complex with moonstone ore veins.
comment How do I kill a giant?
@Mana That's the thing, it's really hard to say. I took out one at level 6 by kiting him and not getting hit by any of his attacks, but I'm approaching level 20 and I still don't want to take one on in melee combat.
comment How do I complete the first Thieves Guild quest?
Put buckets on the heads of everyone who can see you!
comment Where can I get my horse?
Added a screenshot and some clarification, thanks.
comment How to exit a Battlefield 3 server after a match has finished?
@JeffAtwood Didn't know that! Updated answer to reflect.
comment What determines whether or not I become the Squad Leader of a given Squad?
I've also had glitched-out things happen, like I'll join a squad that already has a leader, but I'll be made a leader also. I can't see the other leader in the squad management screen, but I can spawn on him, and the same goes for him. Somehow this causes the player limit to break, and I've had up to 8 people in a squad before.
comment What are the benefits of having more than one command post in Horde 2.0?
+1 - hadn't even considered using an extra post to boost my fortification levels. Good suggestion!