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So this one time I was on an enemy planet fighting aliens left and right and suddenly Halo came out and was like "Welbog I need your help to defeat the demons" so I said "OK Halo let me just grab my crowbar" but then like fifty headcrabs all latched onto him and were all "SKREEEEEEEEEE" and started turning him into a zombie so then I shouted "NO HALO YOU ARE THE DEMONS" and I shot him a bunch of times because if I stopped shooting him his health and shields would have come back you know how it is so that took a little while because all I had was my dual-wielded enforcers and like a tesla cannon or something you know one of those things you need to charge up which takes so much time to do but results in lots of dead aliens which is the kind of result I like if you catch my drift but anyway since Halo was such a cool guy and had helped me fight so many alien zombie ghosts up until this point I decided that I would mourn his death at my hands by collecting all of the magical items I could find like the magical bow and arrow and the magical boomerang and like three plasmids and fifty some cybernetic modules I got from defending the base with towers for a few minutes but I guess I had too many because suddenly Shodan came from the top of the screen and started raining glamorous patterns of electrifying death upon me so I was like hahahah HOLDING SHIFT FOR FOCUSED CONCENTRATION so while I used some strong hydralisks backed up by medics to hold her off I was secretly building an army of R66-Y-grade robots to go back in time to defeat her before she could even say Nintendo Entertainment System but I think they might have messed up because the next thing I knew everything was Egypt but that doesn't matter to someone like me I just whipped on my sunglasses and pulled out my shrink ray and aimed it directly the end of time yelling "Link you wish you were this cool" instantly defeating Lavos, saving the space-time continuum and finally restoring punctuation to this profile.

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