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Iulian Margarintescu

Accomplished Software Developer with 10+ years background experience ranging from UNIX kernel module development to Line of Business Client Applications.

Hands on experience with established best practices like Domain Driven Design, Object Oriented Programming and SOLID principles, Service Oriented Architectures, Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Event Sourcing, Test Driven Development.

High level knowledge of wide range of technologies: Microsoft .NET Frameworks, C#, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight, Linq, NHibernate, NServiceBus, Mobile frameworks, JavaScript mostly with jQuery, SQL and NoSQL databases, C++, win32 API, boost libraries, STL , QT Framework, ruby, ruby on rails, low level C, some Java.

Experience in applying Agile project management and lean methodologies to various teams in order to gain maximum business value and provide fast deliverables.