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I am a native speaker of American English.

My background is in computer science. I am fueled by coffee and a painful degree of empathy with usability test subjects.

I currently convert technical details to plain language for normal people, and convert normal language to technical details for programmers.

comment Can your companion Soul Trap?
And make sure you provide them with unfilled soul gems :) It also makes a difference what companion you use. My Lydia (RIP... sniffle) used a Soul Trap bow or sword consistently, but when I have a mage companion, they never really seem to use any weapons I provide, even if they equip a dagger when we walk around town, so I wouldn't use a mage companion for help filling soul gems.
comment Do shops/NPCs/houses replenish their contents after an act of thievery?
Every single shop except the one whose owner I accidentally, er, mailed away to Sovngarde early when I got caught being a thieving little cat.
comment How to increase mouse sensitivity in Skyrim?
I was having this issue and thought I was going crazy when after a day of playing I'd tried most of the things documented in your question, even changed my wireless mouse batteries, and nothing worked. My existing value was fMouseHeadingSensitivity=0.0500, I think, but the new value you suggest still worked well for me. Thank you so much for the clear writeup. (I found the post from Google when I wasn't logged in while gaming, and it was a huge help.)
comment What's the purpose of sitting down in Fallout 3?
There was another place later in the game, in a particular vault under a garage, where it was necessary to sit somewhere in order to progress the plot. (I wouldn't have noticed except that I was curious about whether sitting down had any further use, after seeing this question!)
comment In Civilization V, how can I find out what map type I am playing on?
I do think there's a note in that menu that says Earth is not among the maps up for random selection.
comment Where is the world saved on a Minecraft server, and how do I back it up?
Thank you! I didn't even think to disable saving while making a backup.