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Top new questions this week:

Temples to cults or gods?

A question: temples can be dedicated to a single god or a cult, which can worship one or several gods - what is the difference, for example if I dedicate temple to, let's say, God of Fire or to the ...

user avatar asked by Recently_Created_User Score of 4

What exactly triggers recipe/construction discovery in Valheim?

I've always thought that you get a recipe/construction when you pick up ("discover") the last of all the ingredients involved in the recipe. Lately however, I've spent a lot of time without ...

user avatar asked by user985366 Score of 2

Playing an old shockwave game integrated with an archived website

I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to play the online version of the old Namco arcade machine Life Expectancy Service X-Day from 1993. The arcade version was never emulated, but the Namco ...

flash life-expectancy-service-x-day  
user avatar asked by SpotXSpot Score of 2

What is the music in the DCS World Persian Gulf Map trailer?

I was listening to the DCS World Persian Gulf Map trailer: I loved the music, but couldn't find what song it was. What song is in this trailer?

game-music-identification digital-combat-simulator-world  
user avatar asked by JustACoder Score of 2

Most efficient means of getting water from an aquifer

On my present embark I have a VERY small bit of light aquifer. I want to try and set up an obsidian farm, but as small as the aquifer is I'm unsure if it'll provide enough water for my purposes. I'm ...

dwarf-fortress dwarf-fortress-premium  
user avatar asked by aslum Score of 2

How do I make mobs slowly respawn up to a certain cap?

I am currently making a Legend of Zelda themed adventure map. I am struggling to make it, so enemies spawn every few minutes but not spawn large amounts over time. I have tried using things like ...

minecraft-java-edition minecraft-commands  
user avatar asked by Opllusion Score of 1
user avatar answered by Plagiatus Score of 1

Can a cart system between 2 spawners work?

I have 2 spawners 63 blocks apart. I want to create a cart network so that I can go front and back from a spawner to another for them to work in my xp farm since the spawning radius for a spawner is ...

user avatar asked by Noragus Score of 1
user avatar answered by AdamRaichu Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to reset a Pokemon GO account?

I accidentally have choosen Bulbasaur for my starter where I wanted Squirtle. Is there anyway to reset it? I have looked in the options menu and there does not appear to be a way to reset it. I guess ...

user avatar asked by Noah Evans Score of 16
user avatar answered by kcborys Score of 13

What is the fastest way to get money in GTA San Andreas?

There are quite some houses and clothes for sale, but I do not have any money. What is the fastest way to get money in GTA San Andreas?

user avatar asked by ulweb Score of 22
user avatar answered by agent86 Score of 21

Soul Arbiter's Maze Solutions

I'm going around trying to mop up all the side quests in Darksiders 2 before I complete the final levels of the game. I'm currently trying to get through Soul Arbiter's Maze in the Kingdom of the ...

user avatar asked by Klokworkk Score of 13
user avatar answered by SaintWacko Score of 16

What are the easiest wings to obtain?

I am looking to just trying out some wings. What is the easiest pair to obtain? Can any be achieved pre-hardmode?

user avatar asked by Colin D Score of 12
user avatar answered by 3ventic Score of 15

How do I give other players money in GTA Online?

Every time I go to Quick Menu > Inventory > Cash > Give Cash it says that I'm unable to give someone else cash. I know you can only give $5000 each day, but I can't give anything. Does anyone know ...

user avatar asked by xBeats_GhoStZz Score of 2
user avatar answered by pbreach Score of 3

Which dragon for which race?

So the update has added in a race track where you can pay 50,000 (so far) to enter your dragon and then race it. Unlike most things in Dragonvale this is an interactive race and dragon selection has a ...

user avatar asked by James Score of 15
user avatar answered by lFeNixZl Score of 20

Which characters unlock each scene?

No matter where I look, I haven't seen almost any indications of which characters unlock which scenes. Put plainly: Which character/level combinations unlock a scene?

user avatar asked by Alex Score of 69
user avatar answered by Adam Davis Score of 24

Can you answer these questions?

How can I disable use of a macro if a spell is on cooldown?

As a Shadow Priest, I use a macro to announce to those nearby who I'm casting Power Infusion on. I do this for clarity in a raid and Mythic+ setting. It works fairly well. The problem I'm encountering ...

user avatar asked by Spevacus Score of 1

What data exactly does Nintendo share with Google Analytics? What is collected there?

I was very shocked when I read about this. Nintendo collects user data, and if you disable it, they can turn it back on. Also, it has a paid plan that is not accessible to everyone economically. ...

user avatar asked by Sybil Score of 1

How to enlist the regulators to defend Big Town?

A number of guides and forums mention that, with the Lawbringer perk, the Regulators can help defend Big Town during "Big Trouble in Big Town". I have a character with "Lawbringer",...

user avatar asked by outis Score of 1
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