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Top new questions this week:

Do I need to repurchase Minecraft Java Edition? Post-"Post-migration process"?

I purchased Minecraft years ago, from Mojang, and played it for many years. However, I haven't played it in probably 4 or 5 years. I think MS had purchased the game last I player, but you still ...

user avatar asked by Jason Clark Score of 6
user avatar answered by Jason Clark Score of 4

Has anyone ever beaten (or found a walkthrough) for the Ray's Maze game series (early B&W 1990s Mac Worldbuilder text adventures)

Ray's Maze and its sequels "Another Fine Mess" and "A Mess O'Trouble" were circulated on mail-order 3.5" floppy disk shareware subscriptions for Mac in the early 1990s. These ...

user avatar asked by MRule Score of 5

Race a local user ghost in Mario Kart 8 switch

Is there a way to race other local user's ghosts in Mario Kart 8 on the switch. We use three different user accounts, only one has a Nintendo account and none has an online subscription. Is there any ...

nintendo-switch mario-kart-8  
user avatar asked by Jontia Score of 4

What do the icons in the ability descriptions mean?

When using abilities such as Cloud's 'Focused Thrust' at the bottom of the Commands menu is the description which includes the small rectangle icon denoting that the skill will fill a synergy block. ...

user avatar asked by Neon1024 Score of 3

Making custom axe, shovel and hoe work as intended. Strip logs, till land, make paths?

This question involves trying to figure out how to have my custom tools (specifically the axe, shovel, and hoe) do their intended "special" function (I guess that is what they're called). ...

minecraft-bedrock-edition minecraft-addons  
user avatar asked by SGETiminator Score of 3

How do I build a Water Conveyor?

In Farlanders, I found water underground and would like to pump it to my colony just above it. I already researched "Water Conveyor", but I don't know where this building option can be ...

user avatar asked by BsAxUbx5KoQDEpCAqSffwGy554PSah Score of 3
user avatar answered by BsAxUbx5KoQDEpCAqSffwGy554PSah Score of 0

Goblins kidnapped a child, got caught in a cage. How can I strip him?

In Dwarf Fortress (Steam), the goblins are inside my fort, underground. I have three: its cage built in a prison, its cage in a dump pile, its cage built outside of a zone. I have used the zone dump ...

user avatar asked by Never Nor Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you obtain the Poké Flute to wake up Snorlax in FireRed?

I'm trying to get past a Snorlax and I need a Poké Flute to wake him up—how do I get one?

user avatar asked by Maarten Kuilman Score of 9
user avatar answered by Thijs Kooi Score of 10

What enchantments can bows have?

As of 1.1 bows can be enchanted, what enchantments can they be given and what approximate level are they?

user avatar asked by Ronan Score of 15
user avatar answered by fredley Score of 23

How to reset a Pokemon GO account?

I accidentally have choosen Bulbasaur for my starter where I wanted Squirtle. Is there anyway to reset it? I have looked in the options menu and there does not appear to be a way to reset it. I guess ...

user avatar asked by Noah Evans Score of 16
user avatar answered by kcborys Score of 13

How to Rotate Objects in The Sims 4

I just bought The Sims 4 and so far it's great but I don't know how to rotate objects. How do you rotate items?

user avatar asked by Kyle Decot Score of 16
user avatar answered by DutchesAndBud Score of 23

What's the maximum height mobs can fall from without dying?

The question stands for itself. I'm especially interested in skeletons, but I like to keep the topic general. I something to get skeletons from a monster spawner go up and fall, but they still need a ...

user avatar asked by Steven Roose Score of 18
user avatar answered by Ender Score of 3

How to remove the 90 km/h speed limit on Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Can somebody explain how to remove the 90 km/h speed limit on Euro Truck Simulator 2?

user avatar asked by RobinCominotto Score of 19
user avatar answered by 3ventic Score of 32

Where does Minecraft for Windows 10 store its data?

I have searched in %appdata%, pulling up the list of files there, but there is no file labelled .minecraft. Searching %appdata%\.minecraft returns "no results found". I also opened Minecraft to ...

user avatar asked by Jennifer Collins Score of 21
user avatar answered by dly Score of 38

Can you answer these questions?

Does changing mouse speed on Windows 11 impact in-game mouse sensitivity?

So I was playing around with my mouse speed recently, when suddenly I wondered: is this changing my mouse sensitivity in games I play (VALORANT, The Finals, The Division 2, Noita, to name a few)? ...

pc windows-11  
user avatar asked by SlightlyPsychotic Score of 2
user avatar answered by HumboldtSquid Score of 0

How to unlock the Bandolier via 'ammo caches'?

Aside from buying the Bandolier as a tier3 item at the shop, I've read you can unlock it by other means, after accessing some secret exits in Chaos Generator and Marksman and hitting some switches. ...

user avatar asked by GnomeSlice Score of 1

How does shuffling trigger?

Sometimes in Nerts!, everyone's deck gets shuffled (at the same time) and the announcer's voice calls out 'Shuffle!'. None of us could figure out what triggers this though. Sometimes I'm stuck with ...

user avatar asked by GnomeSlice Score of 1
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