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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to determine if a Pokémon is a powerful encounter?

I just reached the wild area in Pokémon Sword. In this location, there is a chance to encounter Pokémon that are too high of level and can easily take out your team; nor can be captured. Some of the ...

asked by Wondercricket 16 votes
answered by TestingTest 15 votes

How to delete a game file?

Okay, so there are currently two accounts in my Switch system, and I wanted to see if the second account (lovingly named as Guest) has a different save file or something. I soon found out that it did; ...

asked by Phoenix 14 votes
answered by Robotnik 20 votes

Is it possible to protect saved games on Nintendo Switch from being played by other users?

Is it possible to protect saved games of a particular user from being played by other users, while still allowing them to play all the games they normally can? It doesn't have to be secure*, so a ...

asked by Dmitry Grigoryev 12 votes
answered by Matthew Green 12 votes

How do I evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon in Sword and Shield?

Previous games required an Eevee to be levelled up while near a Mossy Rock or an Icy Rock in order to evolve it to a Leafeon or Glaceon, respectively. Where do I find these two overworld objects in ...

asked by Pyritie 12 votes
answered by Pyritie 11 votes

Why are my Pokémon dozing off?

When I do battle, sometimes I’ll get a message that says: [Pokémon] is dozing off... It must be sleepy. This has happened to three of my Pokémon so far. I haven’t noticed any effect of it yet ...

asked by Nolonar 11 votes
answered by Wondercricket 15 votes

What are the good steps to cook a curry in the cooking mini game?

While cooking in the new mini game of Sword and Shield, you have three different steps to accomplish: Working on the fire Mixing the curry "Putting your heart into it" There is no real indicator ...

asked by Isuka 9 votes

How can I check the IVs of my Pokemon?

IVs are a very important thing in competitive Pokemon. Is there a way to check them easily?

asked by Mathias711 8 votes
answered by Mathias711 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I connect a generic bluetooth headphone to Xbox One?

I have Bluetooth Auvio headphones, which I bought on radioshack and I would like to know if there is any way to connect them to my Xbox One, so I can hear sound and use the mic.

asked by TheBiro 4 votes
answered by Adeese 2 votes

Is it possible to sell cars in single player?

Are you able to sell cars offline? I have tried with all different types of cars but it won't let me.

asked by Little Mac Moate 7 votes
answered by ChargingPun 7 votes

How do you join or create a server in multiplayer?

I just got Minecraft Pocket Edition on my iPhone, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to start multiplayer. When I go to menu, there is only one button that says Play. How do I join or create ...

asked by Minecraft Gamer 3 votes
answered by TechGuy 3 votes

Pokemon GO missing google sign up option

Recently I downloaded Pokemon GO but when I try to sign up with google account,the option isn't there. Help please. I use a LG G2 mini

asked by PinkPanda 8 votes
answered by Casey Wagner 11 votes

How do you get to level 36 in Candy Crush Saga?

After half a weekend spent on conquering Candy Crush Saga levels, I have finally arrived at level 36. Unfortunately, there seems to be a "barrier" of sorts to start playing this level, with two ...

asked by rikitikitik 17 votes
answered by agent86 25 votes

What are the level names in Rocket League?

I was playing a game the other night and saw someone with the rank of "Rocketeer." Before that I had assumed that Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro, and Veteran were the only ranks. How does one achieve the rank ...

asked by Ryan 37 votes
answered by Svj0hn 47 votes

Why isn't my Minecraft LAN server working?

My LAN server won't let my cousin join me or me join my cousin. It won't show up on the multiplayer screen - it keeps saying "scanning for LAN servers" but it never finds it. I am at his house and we ...

minecraft minecraft-server  
asked by Preston 77 votes
answered by Guvante 91 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Call of Duty Mobile - How to to "Free look"?

In PUBG mobile, the "Free look" button (indicated by the eye icon) lets you look around without changing the direction your character is moving in. I can't find/figure out similar functionality in ...

asked by sbuck 1 vote

Skip ingame resource download by already keeping the files on the Android device

I've recently learned that, if you have Steam backup files, you can avoid downloading large downloads from Steam. Now, many of you know that on Google Play Store, some games (i.e. Asphalt, PUGM, WOT ...

android google-play-games  
asked by Meraj al Maksud 1 vote

What do farming cycles control?

The Hardcore Harvester relic says "Farming cycles occur every 1 minute instead of every 5 minutes". Obviously this means that crops grow five times faster, but is there anything else controlled by ...

asked by Unionhawk 1 vote
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