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Top new questions this week:

Are there enemies immune to quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077?

I'm pretty deep into the game, relying on quickhacks for damage so far, and I've yet to encounter enemies immune to quickhacks entirely. This seems to indicate that I don't need any other weapon. ...

asked by Allure Score of 6
answered by Nolonar Score of 5

Who's all the characters / games represented in Steam's Humble Games Publisher Birthday Sale 2022 banner / picture?

Who's all the characters in Steam's Humble Games Publisher Birthday Sale 2022 banner / picture? Which seem to reuse models from the banner of the Humble Games 2021 Autumn Sale. It's really tall, but I'...

steam game-identification  
asked by Malady Score of 6
answered by pinckerman Score of 9

How do I preserve my save data

I recently got a hankering to play the game again. I've forgotten a fair amount of the game mechanics, and wanted to run through the first bit of the game again. However, my last game is about 66% of ...

steam pc middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor  
asked by Sean Duggan Score of 4
answered by Joachim Score of 4

How do you salvage gear in V Rising?

I have some gear that I don't need anymore. If I look at the description, it says, "Salvaegable", but I haven't figured out what I need to do. Does anyone know how to salvage it?

asked by Vrastyr Score of 4
answered by Timmy Jim Score of 4

Unit list -or- next/prev unit?

In later entries in the series such as Civilization V, the player is able to use Period and Comma to cycle through all unwaited units, and can easily access a list of all units, as well. Are either of ...

keyboard alpha-centauri alien-crossfire  
asked by JamesTheAwesomeDude Score of 3
answered by MiG Score of 0

Minecraft generates a new nether portal in a different location that's not my home portal

So here's what's going on. I'm going to be calling my portal at home HP (Home portal) for short, and the portal that takes me back to the overworld NP (Nether portal) Today I was testing out the HP I ...

asked by Ari Score of 2
answered by DialFrost Score of 1

How much are you paid as a mercenary?

A simple question with an elusive answer: if I sign a mercenary contract with a lord, how much will I be paid?

asked by Izzy Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which characters unlock each scene?

No matter where I look, I haven't seen almost any indications of which characters unlock which scenes. Put plainly: Which character/level combinations unlock a scene?

asked by Alex Score of 67
answered by Adam Davis Score of 24

What does each SPECIAL stat in Fallout Shelter do?

Besides its workplace uses, like Charisma in Living Quarters, Strength in Power Generators, Agility in Diners. Do we know if Endurance increases HP in the Dwellers, or that strength helps in melee ...

asked by Keyes34 Score of 127
answered by Keyes34 Score of 129

I caught an Eevee, which of its evolutions will it evolve into?

So I just caught an Eevee. Now, I need 25 candies to evolve it. The fact is that in the GameBoy color versions, that Pokémon needed a stone to evolve instead of experience. Depending of the stone he ...

asked by Jouramie Score of 97
answered by pushasha Score of 77

What benefits are there to side with Sabal or Amita?

Is there a gameplay benefit from siding with either Sabal or Amita? Or does the decision I make have no impact except on the plot of the story itself?

asked by childe Score of 17
answered by vkvau Score of 10

Why isn't my Minecraft LAN server working?

My LAN server won't let my cousin join me or me join my cousin. It won't show up on the multiplayer screen - it keeps saying "scanning for LAN servers" but it never finds it. I am at his house and we ...

minecraft-java-edition minecraft-java-edition-server hosting  
asked by Preston Score of 81
answered by Guvante Score of 91

How do I move my family to my new house?

I'm playing Skyrim with Hearthfire and I'm wondering how do I move my family(Wife and Daughter) to my new Manor near Morthal?

the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim skyrim-hearthfire  
asked by jatmdm Score of 5
answered by kotekzot Score of 7

Where, how and when I can acquire HM's?

I have HM Strength and HM Cut. I would love to fly around this new beautiful world but I'm curious when it will be possible. Any help?

asked by iber Score of 11
answered by shanodin Score of 17

Can you answer these questions?

Can an unsullied heart drop from any mob?

Can an unsullied heart drop from any mob, or do only bosses have a chance to drop one? I have one, but I need more and have no idea which mob I got the unsullied heart I have from.

asked by Vrastyr Score of 1

Are there map changes in Akiba's Trip Hellbound & Debriefed compared to Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed?

As the title suggests, I would like to know whether or not the map in Hellbound & Debriefed is the same as that of Undead & Undressed. I've seen the trailer, and the general area where the ...

akibas-trip-hellbound-debriefed akibas-trip-2-undead-undressed  
asked by Phoenix Score of 1

Does anyone know how many square miles/kilometers that Kingdoms of Amalur is including Teeth of Naros and Mithros?

I am in a debate with a person about the size of the map of Amalur vs the size of Skyrim, I'm not good with maps, or counting cells, but I was hoping possibly for some sort of height-map for the ...

asked by cheese cheese Score of 1
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