I know that you can't buy your ship from Stan without doing some bargaining.

I've been able to bargain enough to make it so that I can afford the ship, but I'm curious what the lowest possible price you can talk him down to is.

  • Just remember that in Monkey Island games, you can't lose, so you can confidently offer him the kitchen sink! – palswim Oct 10 '17 at 6:17


You can only talk him down to 5000. He won't go lower. Sorry, but the game's gonna make sure you're broke before you get to Monkey Island itself. :)


Actually, I just made Stan accept 4000. You first offer him 3000 3-4 times and then 4000, once or twice, and he'll accept it. Hope that helps :)


I actually made him sell it to me for 3000

I asked him about all the extras, and told him that I don't need any of them. Then asked him what he thinks the ship is worth, and he said 4700. I offered 3000 and - BAM - he accepted :)

  • What's the saying? Pics or it didn't happen! – Zommuter Dec 17 '16 at 19:28

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