I was exploring the random co-op feature and found a player that I got along with enough to start a business partnership. My first actions were to buy the local pawnbroker and a few other high-profit businesses. I've been saving gold for the good-side endgame and need a lot of gold to achieve a perfect ending.

When I bought the properties, the money was taken from my total and the owner is now listed as MyGamerTag & OtherPlayerGamerTag. Are these profits now going to be added to my account automatically? When I play? When my partner plays? When we're both in that world? My world?


As I understand it business partnerships work a lot like Civil Unions (source). The goal is that a functional business relationship should have the same benefits as something like Marriage. Namely:

  • When you are a player form a partnership, it only takes effect when you are playing together.
  • While playing together, every purchase made (by either player) is split evenly. So if Player A buys a house worth 10000 gold. Both players pay 5,000 gold. If one player only has 1000 gold, they spend all of it, and the other player spend 9000. Same for items.
  • Income from properties, jobs, chests are split 50/50.
  • When dissolving a partnership (or marriage) all joint properties are sold and the proceeds are split 50/50. This happens whether or not you're in a game together.

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