What are the rules about playing words which are inside already-played words? In the image below, a player couldn't play "Cabbage", because "Cabbages" which was already played.

Is it just about the "S" at the end of the word? Could a player play "war", "spa" or "pea", after "Warbles", "Spares", and "Pears"?

But then why was "Campers" allowed after "Scampers"?

Letterpress Played Words screenshot showing "Scampers" and then "Campers" played.


Word matches are based on matching first letters:

camp - invalid: all of this word is in an already played word, both match starting at the first letter
campers - acceptable: they differ at camps' "s"
scam - invalid: scams is longer both match at beginning
scampers - acceptable: camper starts with "c;" scampers is longer than scam & differs from scams at the second "s"

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