I copied a Borderlands save-game (from my Xbox 360) to my flash drive but when I plug it in to my computer, nothing shows up. The flash drive has nothing on it but that file. When I plug the flash drive to the Xbox 360 it works properly.

What's wrong?

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    You're trying to copy a Borderlands save from the 360 to PC? – Ullallulloo Jan 21 '13 at 2:41

As far as I'm aware, it would be impossible to copy a savegame file between the Xbox 360 and PC/Mac versions of most games, Borderlands included. If I remember correctly, the Xbox actually reformats (or perhaps partitions?) part of the flash drive (or other removable disk) for its own files, therefore rendering it rather useless on a PC. I expect the game software couldn't read the other save-files anyway.

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    However, you can back up Xbox files to external storage for use on your Xbox again in the future. – GnomeSlice Jan 21 '13 at 15:34

Apparently, it's pretty tricky. I've seen people transfer 360 saves to PC for Mass Effect 1/2 and modify 360 Skyrim saves on the PC. (At 4:04 you can see he uses a special program to read the gamer profile stored on the drive, and at 4:19 you can even see a Borderlands save)

Try the method described in the video (starts at 3:31) for getting saves off your USB stick. It looks like you can't use the exact same save, but you can transfer your gear, level, proficiencies etc. from one save to another, 360 and PC included.

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