Is there any way to receive information on new portals in an specific area in Ingress? For example, a RSS feed or similar that reports on new portals being accepted 10KM around a point in the map. Any ideas?

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When a portal is accepted, you receive a mail saying you will see it in a near future.

But after that, no other notifications, you'll have to check your scanner when you're near a future portal location or look on the intel map every day ;-)

EDIT: new portals were added today (25/01/2013) and nothing inform us (except seeing many people running everywhere with their phone in hands to capture new portals before the other faction ;) ).

  • In my area only very few people got an email. Commented Jan 26, 2013 at 19:29

We have a google+ community for our region and people post there intel on new portals etc.

Another way is just check ingress intel map regularly.

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