Recently I've been viewing the leaderboards and I saw that this guy has the highest K/D Ratio(64.76). But then I've found another guy whose ratio is even better(477.25!!!).

So I've got that question: what are the requirements to get to the leaderboards? Do you have to have a minimum of some amount of deaths or do they just ignore people with some crazy stats?

  • What do you mean by 'get to the leaderboards'?
    – MerajA
    Commented Jan 26, 2013 at 6:36
  • Both of those example accounts seem to have some odd stats. Both have around the same time played, but the service stars are very different. I'm not sure how farhad_rus can be a 145 rank Colonel with only one service star. Or how Stationary-AA has the Javelin at the top weapon at 36 kills. Maybe they reset their stats at some point? Commented Jan 26, 2013 at 19:16
  • @Meraj99 the question is: why is that "Stationary-AA" not first(or at least not above fahrad) in the leaderboards
    – Novarg
    Commented Jan 26, 2013 at 20:55
  • @DanielBallinger that's true. However is you take a look at fahrad_rus's vehicle stats you will see that he used T90 MBT a lot. Tho' he only has 1 tank service medal(10 hours in a tank). The Stationary-AA guy is mostly using stationary AA's. That's probably how they got these odd stats.
    – Novarg
    Commented Jan 26, 2013 at 20:59

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Every player is featured on the leader boards by default. Your position is obviously dependent on your stats for a particular category. As far as I know, there is no way of checking your overall ranking on Battlelog (without browsing through countless pages).

You can head over to BF3 Stats to check which percentile you fall into for general game play stats (SPM, KD Ratio, etc) as well as other areas including weapon usage, vehicle usage, etc.


As far as I can tell, you need 100 deaths to get your K/D on the K/D leader boards. I reset my stats on BF3 and they would only let my new K/D show when I did reach a certain mark. Everything else should show up automatically on the leader boards.

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