So have been running an older version of Minecraft for a while, which was before the update with carrots and potatoes. Now that I have updated to the latest version of the game, I was wondering how carrots and potatoes will spawn in the map. Will I be able to find them anywhere, or only in places I had not previously explored? Thanks!

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Carrots and potatoes can only be reliably found in villages, and they must be generated after the crops were added into the game.

However, they are also a rare drop from zombies, and while it's not the fastest way to get the items, it will save you quite a bit of walking.

  • Zombies is the answer here: my first find of each was from rare drops (I got lucky: first zombie kill after updating got be a potato!).
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The easiest way to find potatoes and carrots is to defeat Zombies. They have a rare chance of dropping the new eats. You can also obtain them in newly generated villages, where they have a chance of spawning in place of wheat.


You can only find carrots and potatoes in a place where chunks have not loaded yet. If you have looked thousands of blocks, no carrots or potatoes will spawn there.

Carrots are also a rare drop from zombies and can be farmed normally.


There are two ways to get carrots and potatoes, but since your in an older world, the second way is modified a bit. Here's what they are:

  1. Rare Drops from Zombies

  2. In chunks that you haven't been in in the earlier verisons (before carrots and potatoes were added) there may be a village, which will have them.

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