Since passcodes are no longer unlimited use, I want to know how many of my closest clan members I can share a newly deciphered passcode with before it returns ALREADY_REDEEMED.

Niantic has stated in forums that there is now a max value (it is not time-based), so I want to know if anyone has figured out the number.



It's difficult to answer with precision to this answer, but we can assume the limit is based on the number of people redeeming the code.

Official response from Niantic support:

Passcodes may only be used a certain number of times collectively by all users before they are no longer valid. If the passcode you have is no longer working, it means that limit has been reached, and the passcode may no longer be used.
- NianticOpsBacon

Some tests made by users (put the code in a special page and count the visitors until code is redeemed) talk about a number around 1000-2000 uses.

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