Which parts of the game in Civ5 do (also) scale with map size? (As opposed to difficulty or game pace)

  • Necessary production?
  • Culture Border expansion?
  • Required scientific output?
  • City growth rate?
  • Unit mechanics?
  • ... ?
  • (I am less interested in the score scaling that is mentioned in the manual.)

The only definite answer I have off the top of my head is: number of opponents :-)

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Aspects that scale with map size

  • Technology costs
    • 100% at duel, tiny and small
    • 110% at standard
    • 120% at large
  • Score scaling details in this answer from me

Aspects that don't scale with map size

  • Production costs
  • Social policy costs
  • Border expansion culture costs
  • city growth
  • You may as well name that 2nd list "Aspects that scale with game speed". Between the two, I think you've addressed every scaling aspect of Civ. Commented Nov 5, 2010 at 20:06

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