I am from Europe and I bought something from Origin. What I've seen is that in the USA store the games are the same prices, but in dollars (which makes them cheaper, due o the exchange rate). If I make my purchase from the USA store (giving my account and credit card info to someone in the US) at a better price, can I download and play the game from my computer in Europe?

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I think I can help you, I'm european too and I recently look through that

  • First you should know that american price are most of time shown "before taxes" so by the time you checkout the price may have changed.
  • Origin web store always redirect you to your own country store, but I guess you already figured that out + for international payement Origin will probably require strong payement verification method.
  • There are a lot of better place to acquire cheap priced origin key. You should check www.allkeyshop.com
  • Finally through allKeyShop I recently was able to buy Dead Space 3 Ltd. Edition for 28€ and it worked on my EU origin account. Note that incompatibility concerning region lock usually comes with Russian and Asian key. (except for MMO and Battle.net)

After all that I do think that origin american keys would work if accessed through Origin client with european IP adress.

  • Thanks for the comment even if it's a bit late. Since then I've discovered sites that sell cd-keys at a cheaper price than Origin and I bought myself what I needed. But thanks for the reply Mar 12, 2013 at 12:07

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