My first and very bestest buddy Josip is, well... a few bullets short of a full clip. His crazy, hare-brained schemes have gotten us both in a spot of bother quite a few times.

For example, his definition of 'ambush' seems to be:

Stand in the middle of the road and shoot a shotgun at an oncoming jeep, fitted with a .50 Cal machine gun and a trigger happy Australian/South African manning it. (The accent sounds Australian anyway. Well, American-Australian)

Needless to say he's been downed quite a few times, and I've had to revive him. A couple of times he didn't make it, and I had to reload and try again (I like to keep my buddies if I can). But this latest one, no matter how many times I reload I can't revive him. (I reload to a save before he even gets downed I might add, but it seems almost impossible for him NOT to be downed by the time I get to him)

Which leads me to believe there is an upper-limit on the amount of times you can revive a buddy. Or at the very least a lower and lower chance of a successful revive each time you perform a revive (limit→ 0).

Is this the case? or have I just had a really bad run with revives lately?


From the Far Cry wiki, as well as personal experience:

Buddies have only 3 lives. During the fourth attempt to revive them, the player can only mercy kill them (either via syrette overdose or gunshot).

If you want Josep to live, you may need to restart the mission or reload from a save further back. Long-term, you may want to start thinking about getting a new best buddy.

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