I have a developing interest in the new Simcity game coming out next month, and I'm starting to poke around to get a sense of things.

I notice that if I preorder from Amazon, I get a "Heroes and Villains" pack.

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I've also heard rumblings about bonus content in a Digital Deluxe edition. Are those two items all there is, or are there other preorder bonuses from other retailers floating about?



From the link above

Origin Exclusive Item—Plumbob Park: Just drop this scenic park anywhere in your city and watch your Sims revel in the great outdoors! Make your Sims happier, entice more to come to your city and improve your rating as Mayor.

Get access to world famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or Brandenburg Gate! Placing landmarks will improve your land value and attract tourists to visit, bringing more Simoleons to your city! These landmarks transform the businesses, homes and vehicles in your city to adopt the style and architecture of France, Great Britain and Germany! Receive new missions and earn unique achievements!

MORE TOURISTS Place the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or Brandenburg Gate and attract tourists to visit, increasing your land value and bringing more Simoleons to your city!

MORE TRANSPORTATION Transport your Sims more efficiently with an exclusive Double Decker Bus station in Britain and high-speed rail in Germany!

MORE SERVICES Protect your Sims and increase your police presence with an exclusive French police station!

The British, French, and German "extras" (Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Brandenburg Gate, double-decker buses, high speed rail, French police station) are only available in the digital deluxe edition.

Plumbob Park and Heroes and Villains are included if you pre-order the normal edition (in other words, the "limited edition"). They are also included as part of the digital deluxe edition.

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