Having Treasure Hunter level 11 has left me with two Dragonslayer Breastplates, three Midas Chains (set items), and two of several Unique items (not so unique now, eh?). I don't feel like selling them, because they sell for less than $200 - even though they cost 10-20 times more when buying.

I can only think of two possibilities:

  • transmute them (4 Set items = 1 dull ember, 4 Uniques = 1 regular ember)
  • create another character and give them the spares (I don't feel like playing two characters at once)

Is there anything else I could do with them?

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    I make mule characters to hoard them. – jw013 Feb 7 '13 at 16:11
  • You could give them to me... – Yuuki Feb 7 '13 at 21:39

Found something that may be of use.

Torchlight - Better Balanced Sale Prices Mod

This mod offers exactly what the title says--better balanced sale prices. Vendors now offer more gold in exchange for your items, so selling rare and unique equipment no longer leaves you feeling like you've been kicked in the teeth.

EDIT: Another possibility is to use them as fodder for the "Enchantment Overload" Steam achievement (enchant an item 10 times). If you succeed, you'll have a highly enchanted rare item in your hands; if it gets disenchanted, it doesn't matter, because you had a spare.

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